Disable that pesky “enable sending referrers” error

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Well after getting my wordpress site setup I went downstairs to go play with my tables and decided that I would maybe look into adding some more content to this blog tonight. So I logged in on this computer downstairs only to find that I could not update any pages due to this refer problem. Turns out that the issue is based around the fact that I am using a nonstandard port (8009 to be specific) for my webserver. I figured that this was pretty stupid and that there must be a work around. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a simple one click approach… so I made my own. And now I offer the same ease to you, in the form of a plugin. This isn’t really much of a plugin, but it does work (with one caveat). This pluggin simply overrides the function that would normally do the check and replaces it with empty space. This may infact be a security risk, since I’m pretty sure that its original intent was security related. So with that said, I cannot be held accountable if this plugin introduces security holes into your wordpress install. Finally, the caveat, since you can’t modify any of your wordpress pages, its kind of hard to actually activate the plugin. The workaround is to use a some sort of proxy or manually edit the configuration (not entirely sure how to do that, so be careful). In my case, I have a dyndns proxy setup that is portless. Using that as my wordpress base URI allows me to circumvent the issue. Windows users will have more trouble since I have found that windows interpolates the proxy into its real address before loading the page.

You can download the plugin here.

DJ blog is up and running

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After a little tinkering with wordpress I was finally able to make things work both on the home network and on the outside network. Awesome sauce. Thanks goes out to DJ Gamblore for showing me his wordpress blog that struck me as such a good idea that I had to make my own. This site will be the future release location for any sets or remixes that I create from now on. Hopefully the first set will be on here by the end of the weekend, that is if all goes as planned.