WordPress Auto Redirector

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Due to the fact that I use a web redirecting service to host my “djspat.go.dyndns.org” hostname, it tends to behave a little different on every machine. This was starting to cause problems with url encoding for both the site and one of the plugins that I’m using, podpress. To fix this issue I needed to enforce a specific URL pattern regardless of what was typed in to get to my page. The end result is ‘redirect0r’ This wordpress plugin will check the URL used to reach your wordpress page (which ever page that may be) and compare it to the wordpress site url set in the options panel. If the two hostnames (and port if is is set) are not the same then the page is automatically redirected to the same page, but using the hostname (and port if it is set) of the site url in the options page. This plugin will not take into account special POST variables, only the query string if one exists.

The plugin can be found here.