Fixing Kaffeine in Hardy

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Hopefully a few people out there get some use out of this information.  I have been fighting with kaffeine in hardy for the past few days, mostly trying to get kde samba shares to play through kaffeine.  As well as getting rid of that nasty codec already installed loop.  After a lot of debugging, I have come to following conclusions:

  • samba shares are broken somewhere within the loading mechanism that sits between kde and kaffeine, more specifically the queuing mechanism.  By this i mean that kaffeine is able to play samba share files properly when dragged from konqueror or dolphin to the playlist, but this is not the case when double clicking on a samba share file.  Double clicking a samba share file will result in the following command: kaffeine %U , where %U is the path.  This leads me to believe that the problem lies in the dcop server, since this is what would handle this type of action.  When dropping a file on the playlist (or using the built-in file browser) you are using functions written within the kaffeine source, and as such the files will work properly.  I’d like to think it was fixable in the kaffine sources (and i’ll keep looking to see if it is) but i really don’t know at this time.
  • I hate python, and since the installer script is written in python i refuse to look any longer than i already have at trying to fix it.  I thought at first that my playlist was just on repeat, but it seems that the python script seems to continually loop, and i can’t figure out why.  So instead i just removed the call to the script from within the kaffeine source and replaced it with a printf to the console (so that in the event that you don’t have the codec installed, you can at least manually run the script yourself).

These changes have been made and kaffeine recompiled (also upgraded to the latest version, 0.8.7-0) into a nice ubuntu package.  Like i said, you won’t be able to double click on samba files (or any other streams that aren’t supported on your installation) to get them to play in kaffeine.  Kaffeine will still open but the file in the playlist will not play properly.  The workaround is to use the built in file browser or drag the files from konqueror or dolphin yourself.

Enjoy :)

kaffeine-0.8.7-0 (Hardy)

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Work Bus Schedule – Aug 14th, 2008

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Here is the bus schedule valid as of the 14th.

Bus Route Times