Oilers vs. Blue Jackets

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For some reason ATDHE.net is missing all hockey streams today, I hope this doesn’t mean no more hockey from them.


  • Yahoo Sports (not available in canada, you need to use Hotspot Shield)

The stressful days before the big day

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So Monday is the day I head to the lawyer’s office to sign the final documents.  It is also where i spend the most money I have ever spent in one place.  So before Monday arrives, I need to get my finances in order.  Since my down payment is sitting in two different accounts, I was intending on writing two cheques, but for whatever reason it didn’t occur to me that I would need a bank draft and not a personal cheque.  This creates somewhat of a problem since PCF can’t really just print a bank draft for me.  So I went through some steps to see how I can transfer my funds from PCF to TD (where i CAN get a bank draft).  The trouble is how do I do this over the weekend.

The answer was actually to first transfer the funds from PCF savings (high interest) to the PCF chequings.  Now for those who don’t know much about PCF accounts, making changes with your high interest account does not happen instantly.  Rather, the changes appear the next business day.  So transferring the funds on Friday means i don’t actually have funds until Monday.  Cutting it close, but I’m used to cutting things close by now.  Now come Monday, I need to head over to TD and have the bank manager accept the cheque, call PCF and confirm the funds, then credit the account immediately with the funds.  This is instead of TD holding the cheque for X business days until the funds clear.  I don’t think TD will do this anytime you want, but for time critical situations it seems that they are very accomodating.

So, with Monday will come the end of the stress.  The last “cutting it close” item.  There is still moving day(s) but I am much less concerned about moving day since moving will be spread out across two days.

VOIP on the iPod Touch

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VOIP on the touch was certainly possible back in the days of 1.1.x firmware. You simply had to order a touchmods mic (now apparently called mango mics) and grab the siphon software from Installer or Cydia and you were ready to go. There were even tricks to making free phone calls from your touch to land lines (insanity i tell you). I did this for a bit, until i lost my mic, then i found it again, but discovered that it was useless with the 2.x firmware. Tragic, i know.

Well never fear, now the touch is VOIP enabled once again (and has been since 2.2 came out), and I plan to cash in on this wonderful VOIPy goodness. Here are the deets:

  1. Grab a MacAlley iVoice III
  2. Grab Nimbuzz on your ipod (through the app store)

Here is a decent article on the whole process.