Back Again: Stocks, Homes, and Code

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I have decided that I will be bringing this blog back to life, after a very long hiatus.  I don’t plan to do much music mixing however, instead I want to turn this blog into a informational knowledge-base on the things that interest me.  For the near future that will likely include the Stock Market, Real Estate, and Coding.

For the past year, I have become increasingly interested in the stock market.  Mostly with learning how to analyze the various aspects of the market and how to build a successful portfolio.  As the days progress I will post updates on my findings and opinions, and track the progress of my decisions.

I am also nearing the date that I purchase my first house. Due to the market conditions the way they are in Edmonton, I am fortunate enough to be prepared to make this jump into the real estate world.  Along the way I have been researching strategies for finding, buying, and converting (into wealth).  The most notable topic would be that of the Smith Manoeuvre, something which I will likely discuss in great detail over the coming months.

Finally, my coding roots have not departed, I still code as a hobbyist.  My current project is the rrssdl project (look at the page on this blog, to the left).  I am still interested in making this project into something really useful for the community, the latest news on rrssdl is the addition of the log4r framework.  Though it is currently in a broken state, soon the log4r framework will be ready for action and then I can get onto fixing bugs.

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rrssdl – A Ruby TV Show RSS Downloader

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Brand new creation, take a look at the page i’ve created HERE

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