Big Post: Taxes, The Global Economy, The Alberta Economy, The Edmonton Economy, and Some Great Dividend Stocks

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I recently found an article on some tax software called StudioTax.  It appears that StudioTax is a more or less free version (for personal use only) that would be competing against Quicken’s tax software.  StudioTax will be netfile certified for the coming tax season.  I will likely give it a test, but not necessarily use it to file my taxes.  If it works well with the Smith Manoeuvre, then I may use it to file my taxes this year.


Global Economy

I found a really great article that describes (in great detail) all the people who were really responsible for the crumbling global economy.  Most of the culprits hail from the US (surprise), but some hail from other major financial countries.  Included in the list are also a few who saw this whole thing coming, bet against everyone else and made a pretty penny.  Some of their stories are actually a little amusing (Andrew Lahde being my favorite).  

Read up on the Wealthiest Idiots in the World.


Alberta Economy

I don’t have much to write about the Alberta economy (other than I suspect it will do the best out of the Canadian provinces).  Just that Chris Davies has been compiling a rather large list of historical economic data for Alberta.  Perhaps one day soon (when I am not at maximum stress levels) I will do something with that data.  I will also be posting my giant list of data in the coming days for people to gaze upon (there is a lot).


Edmonton Economy

I have come across a very positive look on the coming Edmonton economy (thanks to Alberta Real Estate Watch)  This is good news, but I still take it with a grain of salt.  I think that some of these views are a bit too optimistic, but I really do think that Edmonton will fair quite well through these tough economic times.   Since I have jumped into the real estate market here in Edmonton, I have high hopes for the coming years (stay tuned for a future post on my Edmonton real estate forecast).


The S&P Dividend Aristocrats Lists

I read about this wonderful list the other day when reading an article on the Dividend Growth Investor Blog.  S&P have a couple of dynamic lists that are filled with some of their best Dividend paying stocks.  If you are interested in executing a Smith Manoeuvre then I would suggest taking a look at some of these lists.

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